Force Justify part 1 and 2

Tulips and Roses
20 April - 19 May & 24 May - 16 June 2012
Brussels, Belgium

A show in two instalments, using the ship of fools as a motif. The floor from a previous exhibition, 'The Good Ship Blank and Ballast' was lifted from K21 in Dusseldorf. This had been cut with an image from the title page of of the 'Ship of Fools' (1494) by Sebastian Brandt and used as a printing block. The floor boards once lifted were scrambled and reprinted. Aluminium sculptures were recast from the shape of Brancusi's 'Newborn' (1915) in to extrusions rising up from the floor tiles. A sail was woven to match the floor, and lozenges made from rock crystal, glass, metals and shells obliquely told the tale of the journey and transformation.